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Meeting Rooms Policy

The three Meeting Rooms (Study Room, Conference Room, and Learning Center) of the Richard E. Halperin Memorial Library Building are available for patrons who want to meet in groups for limited periods of time.

Usage Rules

The three Meeting Rooms are only available for activities that are consistent with the Library’s Community Room Policies.

The Study Room is designed to accommodate up to 4 people, the Conference Room is designed for up to 8 people, and the Learning Center for up to 13 people.

The Meeting Rooms will be needed occasionally by the Library for Library business or by the Town of Harrison. Patrons must leave the Meeting Rooms as they found them. The Library’s Code of Conduct and Community Room Usage Rules apply to all users of the Meeting Rooms.

Making Reservations

Reservations for the Study Room and Conference Room can be made by Westchester Library System cardholders online, on the phone, or in person up to one month in advance on a first-come, first-served basis.

Patrons without a WLS library card may use Meeting Rooms if they are available but may only make meeting room reservations for the same day.

However, all reservations for the Learning Center must be submitted in writing to the Library Director at least one week before the room is needed so that the Library Director can review the request.

For patrons younger than twelve, a parent or guardian must make the reservation.

Any patron making a reservation must be present at all times while the room is in use.

An individual or members of a group can reserve only one two-hour session per day. Reservations are not transferable.

Unless approved by the Library Director, no individual or group can reserve a room for more than five recurring (e.g. weekly or monthly) meetings or more than ten meetings total in a year.

A patron who arrives late will not be able to extend their reservation unless no other patron needs the room. If the patron has not arrived within fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time of their reservation, the room will be made available for use by other patrons.


Not-for-profit individuals and groups may use any of the three Meeting Rooms at no charge.

For-profit individuals and groups are subject to the following fees:
Study Room: $10 per hour
Conference Room: $25 per hour
Learning Center: $40 per hour

Reviewed and approved by the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees, 8/3/2015; Revised 3/7/2016, 6/5/2017, 02/05/2018, 4/4/2022.

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