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Juried Art Program

The Colors of My World

By Dorothy Cancellieri


I adore color!  I love figures, animals, environments and landscapes.  The
vividness of the canvases help to convey the story, meaning and emotions
in my paintings.

My imagination is expressed through a kaleidoscope of color in my artwork. The use of vibrant paints has always enriched me, and left me with a feeling of peace and happiness. 

Price List – The Colors of My World – Acrylic Paintings & Sculpture By Dorothy Cancellieri

  1. Couple with Dog on Beach ($700)
  2. Couple with Diamonds & Stripes ($600)
  3.  Landscape with Geese (Sold)
  4.  Blue Faced Man ($100)
  5.  Yellow Faced Man ($75)
  6.  Pink & Blue Faced Man ($60)  
  7.  Orange Faced Man ($60)
  8.  Purple Faced Man ($60)  
  9.  Harlequin Mask  –  Plaster ($150)
  10. Clown Mask – Plaster ($150)
  11. Yellow Faced Woman with Hair ($50)
  12. Yellow Faced Man ($60)
  13. Yogi ($125)
  14. Angel ($650)
  15. Dancing Couple ($600)
  16. Horses in the Meadow ($500)
  17. Contemplation ($500)
  18. Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal ($200)
  19. Woman on Beach with Boat ($400)
  20. Still Life with Parrot & Cat ($700)
  21. Bird in Hand ($500)          
  22. Belly Dancer ($250) 
  23. Letting Go ($525)
  24. Warrior Woman ($250)
  25. Woman with Dove & Cockatoo ($550)
  26. Woman with Lion & Dragon ($350)

27. Jade ($450)
28. Four Women ($500)
29. Fantasy Forest ($550)
30. Pleasant Acres ($500)
31. Nude at Door ($500)
32. Woman with Parrot ($375)
33. Woman with Parrot & Man with Cat ($625)
34. Reindeers ($400)
35. Couple ($250)
36. Abstract Family ($350)
37. Reclining Nude with Cat ($700)
38. Women in Outer Space ($625)
39. Women with Horse ($375)
40. Jungle Women ($500)
41. The Card Players ($600)
42. Colorful Couple ($400)
43. At the Bar ($450)
44. Pieces of a Woman ($400)
45. Rainbow Woman   ($350)
46. Woman with Flowers in her Hair ($250)
47. The Last Song ($475)
48. Face to Face (Sold)
49. Abstract Woman ($600)
50. Walking By ($350)
51. Parrots in the Tropics ($400)
52. Woman in the Tropics ($550)

All paintings come framed & wired.  All sculpture is wired for hanging. Please feel free to inquire about dimensions or to ask any questions by contacting the artist at (917) 678-4130.

Juried Art Submissions

Please note: these scheduled dates and rules for submission are tentative and subject to change.

The Harrison Public Library seeks artists for rotating exhibitions during 2021.

Artists who are interested in exhibiting at the Harrison Public Library, 2 Bruce Avenue, Harrison, NY for approximately one month during 2021 are invited to submit samples of their artwork for review by a Juried Art Committee sponsored by the Harrison Council for the Arts.

Selected artists will be awarded one person shows by our jury, with three alternate artists chosen as well, should unexpected circumstances prevent artists from exhibiting according to schedule. Group shows (2, 3 or 4 persons) will also be considered provided these artists register and submit work together. For group shows, all entrants must be chosen.

How to Enter

If you are interested in competing for one of these shows, please bring samples to the Harrison Public Library, Halperin Building, 2 Bruce Avenue, Harrison, NY on Friday, October 16, 2020 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. All artists must pick up their samples on Saturday, October 17, 2020 between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Two-dimensional art only is eligible and the samples must be in the form of two different pieces of the actual art (preferably framed), 12 copies of the artist’s work either in the form of photos, prints, 35mm slides  or on a CD (all different/representational of the artist’s work), and a resume.

If you choose to participate, you will be notified of the jury’s decision by mail by November 30, 2020. If awarded exhibit time, you will be asked to call Giovanna Iannace at the Library (914/835-0324) and provide three choices for a monthly exhibit in 2021 (first come-first served; March is not available).  If Giovanna is not available, please be sure to leave a message.

We will confirm your exhibit date by mail and at that time you will be asked to sign the Art Exhibit Agreement, which must be returned immediately. The applicable fee is due three months prior to the exhibit date.

For more info, contact Giovanna Iannace at the Library (914/835-0324)

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