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Meet our Spring Maker-in-Residence, Annabel Romero — Opuntia Visual!

We are delighted to introduce Annabel Romero — Opuntia Visual, our Maker-in-Residence for Spring 2024! 

Paper Festivity: Unleash your creativity with Handmade booklets and more!

Annabel will be teaching participants how to use paper in creative ways to tell stories and collect memories. There’s no experience required to join any of the classes. Basic materials such as paper, colored pencils, glue, scissors, markers, and collage paper are transformed into small art pieces that are
great keepsakes or gifts.

Explore the many possibilities of creativity using paper as a medium. Join Opuntia Visual (Annabel Romero) in a series of fun-filled workshops that celebrate the magic of paper as a canvas for your artistic expression. No prior experience is needed – just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to let your creativity bloom.

Trained as a scientist, Annabel likes to explore art unconventionally. Back in 2016 while studying for her doctorate in biology, she decided to start Opuntia Visual, a concept to tell narratives about science and art. Since then her focus has been trying to connect memories, experiences, and their relationship with nature and science. Through her work, she aims to bridge the scientific inquiry and the human experience. She has taught classes to children and adults alike about both art and science and how to build stories. Some of her exhibits include the Butterfly Conservatory in Mexico City (2017-2022), a solo show at the Harrison Public Library in Harrison, NY (2021), the Mamaroneck Artist Guild “Small works”, in Larchmont NY (2023), and the street fair exhibit “Portōes que falam” in Sao Paulo Brazil (2024). Since 2020 all her artwork proceedings have been donated to Abbott House, a non-profit located in Irvington, NY where she volunteers.

Become Our Next Maker-in-Residence

The Harrison Public Library Maker-in-Residence will work out of the Library for three months (no more than 4 hours per month), working on a project of their choosing. As part of your residency, you will share your skills with the public. We’ll cover the costs of workshop supplies and pay you a stipend of $500 for your time working and teaching. You get unrestricted access to our equipment, an opportunity to learn new skills, public exposure for your work, and a chance to share your talents with your community and all the warm fuzzy feelings that entails. We’re looking for all kinds of making, whether digital or physical. Come and show us how you do it.

Makers selected must be 18 or older, may be subjected to a comprehensive criminal background check, and must have professional references. Applications are accepted and makers are selected on a rolling basis, with appointments made as residencies end.


Thank you for submitting your application. We will be in touch soon.

I would be comfortable working with (choose all that apply):

Harrison Public Library Maker-in-Residence Program Agreement

This is not an offer of employment, and as a “Maker-In-Residence” you will be considered an independent contractor. The maker-in-residence is a contracted position for three months.

The maker-in-residence will receive a one-time payment of $500. The library will provide funding for supplies for public programs.

The maker-in-residence will have up to four hours time per month onsite in the library. The maker-in-residence will be encouraged to work with all of the three groups who use the lab: teens, adults, and families (i.e., all ages).

A portion of our space will be designated for the project being worked on by the artist/maker on display.

All workshops will be made available to the general public, with HPL responsible for participant signup.

These workshops must present attendees with an activity-based, hands-on opportunity to learn a new skill.

The maker-in-residence will be responsible for procuring all necessary consumable supplies for workshops. HPL will reimburse, when agreement is reached, the maker-in-residence for supply costs based on actual detailed receipts. All leftover supplies will become the property of HPL.

Any resulting artwork or product created by the maker-in-residence may be exhibited for a period of one month.

Maker-in-residence is responsible for any travel costs related to maker-in-residence activities.

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