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Hospitality Service Standards

Our Promise to Patrons

Patrons are the soul of our library. Patrons of Harrison Public Library will receive high-quality hospitality service.  HPL is dedicated to providing the community with services and programs that not only reflect the wants and needs of its patrons but also enhances and contributes to the development of the community.

What Patrons Should Expect

1. Patrons will be treated with dignity and respect.

We recognize that our library’s users represent varying ages, cultures, lifestyles, religions, experiences, educational backgrounds, and information interests and needs. Harrison Public Library will provide equal service to all patrons and eliminate barriers to library access and use.

All patrons of the Harrison Public Library will be treated with dignity. All patron questions and requests will be regarded as valid. Our library staff will respect patrons’ rights to free speech and the pursuit of knowledge.

2. Patrons will feel welcome in Harrison Public Library.

Our library serves as a community center. The Harrison Public Library will provide a welcoming environment that fosters positive patron experiences. We will greet patrons, strive to answer their questions, help them find the information they need, and empower them to use library resources independently.

3. Patrons will receive knowledgeable service and professionalism from all staff.

Harrison Public Library employs a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional staff. Patrons should feel confident that our staff members are approachable, equipped to answer their questions and eager to assist with their information needs.

4. Patron feedback will be documented, routed to the appropriate parties, and considered.

Harrison Public Library endeavors to cultivate collections, programs, and services that are relevant to the interests and needs of the community. In doing so, we recognize the importance of gathering and monitoring patron feedback: by conducting surveys; by collecting written and verbal comments, compliments, and complaints; and by deriving intelligence from our circulation and operational data.

Patron comments will be handled with courtesy and an open mind. Feedback will be shared with the library director and, when appropriate, the Board of Trustees. Patron feedback will routinely be considered as part of Harrison Public Library’s operational and strategic planning processes.

5. Harrison Public Library will safeguard patrons’ personal information.

Patrons should feel confident that library interactions, feedback, personal information, and transactions are considered confidential. Our staff will be flexible, discreet, and non-judgmental in providing patrons with information, services, and library materials.

Patron information will be used exclusively for our library work. We do not share, rent, trade, or sell patron information to outside individuals, companies, or organizations.

6. Our library will be an active participant in the Harrison community.

We will enhance Harrison’s culture by preserving local history and curating a collection of the community’s most important literature. We will provide access to important community information and resources, serving as a gateway to the greater Harrison community.

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