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Wiggle and Giggle with Dawny Dew

Tue, Feb 28 | 10:00am

Halperin Building

Jeffrey Friedberg

Wed, Mar 1 | 10:30am

West Harrison Branch

Conversational English

Thu, Mar 2 | 1:30pm

West Harrison Branch

Conversational Spanish

Fri, Mar 3 | 1:00pm

West Harrison Branch

GirlsWhoCode--cancelled this week

Sat, Mar 4 | 1:30pm


Tejiendo juntas ~ Knitting together

Sat, Mar 4 | 2:00pm

West Harrison Branch

Youth Art Month - Opening Reception

Sun, Mar 5 | 1:00pm

Halperin Building

Spanish for Beginners

Mon, Mar 6 | 9:45am

Halperin Building

Depression Era Cakes

Mon, Mar 6 | 1:30pm

Halperin Building

Teen Tech Week 3D Printing

Mon, Mar 6 | 3:30pm

Halperin Building

Meditation: “Finding Inner Peace and Calmness through Meditation”

Mon, Mar 6 | 7:00pm

Halperin Building

For Fans of the Academy Awards

by Jennie Yang

Did you know that you can watch Oscar-winning films of past years instantly and completely free? Borrow them from Hoopla, a newly added digital service with more than 500,000 titles in six different formats: movies, TV, music albums, eAudiobooks, eBooks, and comics. Best of all, these titles are always available and there are no waiting... read more


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