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Wed., Nov. 22 the Halperin Building will close at 5:30pm and the West Harrison Branch will close at 5pm.
Thu., Nov. 23 both library branches are closed.

"Collective Perspectives"

Halperin Building: November Exhibit

Jeffrey Friedberg

Wed, Nov 22 | 10:30am

Halperin Building

Fun Flix Movie: Captain Underpants the first epic movie

Wed, Nov 22 | 2:00pm

Halperin Building

Computer Tutors

Wed, Nov 22 | 3:30pm

Halperin Building

SCORE ( One-On-One Mentoring)

Wed, Nov 22 | 6:00pm

Halperin Building

Meet and Read with Angie!

Sat, Nov 25 | 11:00am

Halperin Building

Bilingual Storytime

Sat, Nov 25 | 11:00am

West Harrison Branch

Saturday Craft for Children ~ Thanksgiving Craft

Sat, Nov 25 | 11:30am

West Harrison Branch

Film Movement: Harmonium

Sun, Nov 26 | 1:30pm

Halperin Building

Lego Animation

Mon, Nov 27 | 4:00pm

Halperin Building

Film: Paris Can Wait

Mon, Nov 27 | 6:30pm

Halperin Building

Tween Tuesdays: The Harrison Holiday Project Card Project

Tue, Nov 28 | 4:00pm

Halperin Building

Origami Class

Fri, Dec 1 | 10:30am

West Harrison Branch

Books for National Native American Heritage Month

by Jennie Yang

Did you know there were probably more people living in the Americas than in Europe in 1491? Did you know the corn the Pilgrims harvested and enjoyed at the First Thanksgiving was domesticated around 1000 A.D? It was such a sophisticated breeding process that scientists regard it as man’s first feat of genetic engineering. Native... read more


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