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The Titanic

April 2nd, 2012
Judith · Staff Recommendations

The “Unsinkable” TITANIC sank in the North Atlantic at 11:40PM on April 14, 1912.

For many years, people believed that an iceberg had cut a huge gash in the Titanic’s hull but a study of steel samples from the TITANIC in 1985 concluded that the hull was made of a steel that became brittle in the frigid North Atlantic waters and fractured easily during the collision with the iceberg.

The TITANIC carried enough lifeboats for only about half its approximately 2,200 passengers and crew. A total of 1,517 people died including Captain Edward J. Smith who went down with his ship. The TITANIC had three classes of cabins for its passengs; First Class cabins or staterooms were very large and luxurious; Second Class cabins were much more simple and plain while Third Class cabins (steerage) were extremely plain and small and were crowded with immigrants bound for the United States. Many more people from Third Class lost their lives than people from First Class.

There are many books on the TITANIC in the Harrison Public Library and the West Harrison Public Library.

The Titanic Secret by Jack Steel.This is a recent novel about the Sinking of the TITANIC.

Titanic Adventure by Jennifer Carter.This is about the first woman to go down under water to visit the wreck of the TITANIC.

Inside The Titanic by Hugh Brewster.This Children’s book consists of cut-away illustrations. It is very graphic and well illustrated.

Titanic Voices edited by Donald Hyslop.TITANIC VOICES takes one back to the sinking of the TITANIC through the first-hand accounts of those people who were actually there.

Exploring The Titanic by Robert Ballard.This is a Children’s book which was written by Robert Ballard who discovered the wreck of the TITANIC in the early 1980’s.

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord.This is the classic study of the TITANIC written in 1955.

The Night Lives On by Walter Lord.This book was written by the same author of A NIGHT TO REMEMBER was published in 1986 and has more information on the sinking of the TITANIC.

Titanic Revealed [DVD].For years no one could find the wreck of THE TITANIC until Robert Ballard with a combined American and French team turned a dream into reality in 1985.

There are more books and dvds about the TITANIC at both the Harrison Public Library and the West Harrison Public Library. Please come by and check them out.

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