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Cross-Generational Gems: Young Adult Novels for Adult Readers

Illuminae and Falling: Read-a-like book covers

June 7th, 2023
Jovy · Staff Recommendations

If there’s one area I’m well-versed in, it’s young adult (YA) books. Even as an adult, I’m drawn to their gripping plots, thought-provoking themes and emotional depth. Furthermore, series are common, allowing readers to immerse themselves into beloved characters’ lives and the worlds they inhabit.   

As the Adult Services Librarian, I often receive inquiries about bestsellers and while I may not have read them all, I’ve put together a list that connects adult fiction with some of my favorite YA novels.

YA novels possess a universal appeal that extends far beyond their intended audience. Their ability to grapple with profound themes, create vibrant worlds, and craft relatable characters makes them a treasure trove for adult readers seeking immersive storytelling. Whether you’re discovering these books for the first time or revisiting the genre, give it a chance. After all, age is just a number when it comes to the power of a well-told tale.

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