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by Michael Albert

I’ve been making art for about 35 years now since I was 19 years old and still a college student at NYU, where I studied business (BPA, 1998). After several years of drawing, I started using old labels, stickers, junk mail, and then extra, bad & duplicate photographs to create my art. It was a way of using materials I had no other use for & it made me felt good to use materials rather than to just throw them out & add to the problem we have of too much garbage in our society. At some point I began taking one good photo or image & cutting up into pieces (deconstructing it) and then putting it back together (reconstructing it) in my own way, mixed-up & resulting in an abstraction of the original image.

Then, in a magic moment that changed my life, one day (March 30, 1996) I took a Frosted Flakes cereal box that I had and did the same thing to it. I cut the cover off the box & proceeded to cut it up into a pile of pieces & then glued the pieces down in my own composition creating what would come to be known as “Portrait of An American Classic: Frosted Flakes #1” and later nicknamed “The Birth of Cerealism”. I soon realized that this was very much in the Pop Art genre like Andy Warhol, but with cut & paste technique as well as a modern type of cubism. I soon began cutting up cereal boxes & other iconic consumer brand packages in this way like a madman!

Over the course of about 3 years I created over 700 original collages of cereal boxes comprising what I believe to be one of the most & hundreds of other products as well. I would often create multiple versions of the same brand much the way a jazz musician composes variations on a theme, or how Monet would paint 20 or more versions of the same scene, such as his Rouen Cathedral or Haystacks series. Later I began using different elements of many different boxes to create colorful, detailed collages on a variety of different themes, but this is where it all began.

I am honored to have been chosen to be the Artist-in-Resident for the Harrison Public Library and am proud to present 14 of my favorite ‘Cerealism’ Masterworks for your virtual viewing pleasure! 

I look forward to running a series of Virtual Workshops for the Harrison Public Library over the next 3 months. Please check with the library for details on how to join me in some creative collaging with the same type of materials.

For more information check out these links:  My website  My Pinterest where I have over 5,000 examples of my art and photos of past events & workshops

Trailer for Art Documentary “Michael Albert American Pop Artist” I’m working on

Smithsonian Artist Interview

Michael Albert Cerealism / Virtual Exhibition list:

  1. Portrait of An American Classic : Frosted Flakes #1 created on March 30, 1996 
  2. Froot Loops,  March 8, 1997 (Squares)
  3. Cheerios on Black November 20, 1997
  4. Post Cerealism / Golden Crisps February 6, 1998
  5. Cap’n Crunch Berries, 1998  
  6. Trix (The Pilgrim) November 12, 1999  
  7. Raisin Bran  January 1998 
  8. Rice Krispies, May 8, 1997
  9. Apple Jacks (The Rosetta Stone) January 23, 1999 
  10. Cheerios (Boardwalk effect) 1999  
  11. Fruity Pebbles 1996   
  12. Monster Cerealism / Boo Berry August 29, 1999 
  13. Wheaties (Michael Jordan),  August 23, 1997    
  14. Special K (Heart),  December 25, 1998 
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