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Make a difference. Share the things you love to do.


Technology Instructor

We are looking for capable, qualified people to teach computer classes on Microsoft Office, surfing the web, and iPhone/iPad basics.

Computer Tutor

The Computer Tutor program puts senior citizens and teens together, in pairs, as their schedules allow, and the lessons are tailored to the individual learner. The pairs may meet once, or they may meet ten times or more, depending on the needs of each person. Requirements: you must be in Grades 10 to 12, have strong technology skills, exhibit good communication skills—and be reliable. Prerequisite: Attend a training session.

TED Talk Facilitator

The library screens TED Talks that will be paired with a facilitator who can engage and lead an audience in conversations related to the subject of the talks.

Genealogy Researcher

Using online research tools, assist people one-on-one with uncovering their family roots. Requirements: you must be in Grades 10 to 12, have strong technology skills, exhibit good communication skills—and be reliable. Prerequisite: Attend a training session.

Hobby Workshop Facilitator

Do you have a hobby that you would like to share? Come teach a small workshop on knitting, woodworking, sewing, scrapbooking, mahjong, bridge, pottery, or whatever you are most passionate about.

Film Discussion Leader

If you have a favorite film genre that you are passionate about consider running a movie discussion program.

Book Discussion Leader

If you love a particular genre of book, be it mystery, current events, politics, or biographies, consider running a book discussion series.

Homework Helper

Help kids in grades 1-5 with their homework and help them gain confidence in their academic skills. Requirements: Must be in grades 9-12, have strong academic skills, and be reliable.

Homebound Delivery Driver

Deliver library materials to homebound Harrison residents.

Publicity Contributor

Are you a marketing genius? Can you help write press releases, make fliers and invent new ways to get the word out about everything that is happening at the Harrison Public Library.

English Conversation Partner

Have simple conversations to help beginning learners build basic English skills. Create a fun environment where ESL teens can become more comfortable speaking English. Requirements: Must be in Grades 7-12, have excellent communication skills – and be reliable. Prerequisite: Attend a training session.


Do you dance, play music? We invite you to share and practice your talents in front of a live audience. This is a great chance to get feedback from the public and rehearse your craft.


We can work with you to develop an internship based on your interest, major, or experience-gap. Internships can vary from digital libraries/exhibits, collection development, graphic design, communications, public administration, public health, economics, small business, non-profits, and so much more!

Why volunteer?

The newly renovated Halperin Building gives us the ability to do things we could only dream about before.

Libraries are not just about books.

HPL Event Attendance Before The Renovation Project

Discover how rewarding it can be to help others pursue the things that you are passionate about.


Volunteer applicants 18 years and older may be subject to a background check.

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