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Telescope Borrowing Policy and Procedures


Only Harrison Public Library cardholders in good standing may borrow the Telescope. Borrowers must be at least 18 years old and show a valid ID with proof of age.

The Library reserves the right to deny Telescope borrowing privileges to anyone who abuses the Telescope or its related equipment or is late in returning them.


The Telescope is provided without a box. To carry the Telescope, place your forearm under the tube and lift it, still upright, supporting it against your side. To carry the Telescope in a car, secure it to the front seat using both the lap belt and the chest belt.

A lens cap, with a small portion cut out for viewing the moon, is attached to the Telescope.

A pouch, also attached to the Telescope, contains this equipment

  1. Instruction Manual – The instructions in this manual must be followed.
  2. Constellation Pocket Guide
  3. Starry Night Software – This software (for Mac or Windows) provides a useful preview of the night sky.
  4. Night Vision Headlamp – This allows you to consult a map or adjust the finder without losing your night vision. It also has a flashlight option.


The Telescope is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Telescope may be checked out for a maximum of seven (7) days. No renewals are permitted. A borrower must wait seven (7) days after returning the Telescope before borrowing it again.

Borrowers must pick the Telescope up at the front circulation desk of the Richard E. Halperin Memorial Building.

First time Telescope borrowers must receive training from Library staff prior to checking out the Telescope and its equipment.

If a Library staff member believes that the borrower does not understand how to use and/or care for the Telescope and its equipment, they will not be checked out to the borrower.

Library staff will verify that the Telescope is in good working order at the time of checkout.

Before checking out the Telescope, all borrowers must complete a Telescope Borrowing Agreement, of which they will receive a copy.


The Telescope and its equipment must be returned only to a staff member at the front circulation desk of the Richard E. Halperin Memorial Building. They may not be returned to any other library. If the Telescope or its equipment is returned to another library, the borrower will be assessed a fee of $25.

The Telescope and its equipment must not be left at the circulation desk if it is unattended, and must not be left anywhere else in the Library. If the circulation desk is unattended, borrowers must find a staff member to assist them.

The Telescope and its equipment will be inspected before being removed from the borrower’s record.


Late fees are $5 per day, up to a maximum of $50. There is no grace period for late returns.

The borrower is responsible for any loss or theft of, or damage to, the Telescope and its equipment during the checkout period.

The borrower will be charged replacement fees for any items not returned or for items returned damaged.

Replacement fees are as follows:
Telescope $300
Starry Night Software $69
Headlamp $16
Constellation Guide $11

Adopted by the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees 2/6/2017.

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