Strategic Plan

The Harrison Public Library would like to share some of the progress we've made putting our Strategic Plan into action in 2014.

The Richard E. Halperin Memorial Library Building renovation is underway, significant infrastructure improvements have been made to the West Harrison Branch, we launched a successful homebound services program, we completed a comprehensive technology audit, we reviewed customer service standards, and we're just getting started!

Refresh and revitalize the Library's facilities for twenty-first century service delivery.

Beginning in 2014, the Richard E. Halperin Memorial Library Building will undergo a significant upgrade that will enhance the physical plant, provide a more attractive environment, expand technological capabilities, and provide increased access for patrons.

Next Up...

 Develop a Campaign to Introduce the New Facility

 Complete Construction and Reopen for Business

West Harrison Branch:

The West Harrison Branch is in a much-loved older building, centrally located in the neighborhood's retail heart. It provides a familiar and comfortable venue for patrons of all ages and we believe that it is important to retain this atmosphere while continuing to upgrade the facility.

Proactively promote a lifelong passion for reading, personal development and learning among all segments of the Harrison Community.

Next Up...

 Continue to Identify Opportunities to Enhance School Curricula


  • Serve as a leading advocate for all forms of ongoing intellectual development and education for the community, especially for Harrison's youth.
  • Ensure that the Library can deliver a full range of offerings that will promote ongoing learning and personal growth.

Expand community awareness and participation. Reach out to underserved populations in the community.

Next Up...

 Develop a Marketing Strategy

 Redesign Library Website


  • Ensure that the Harrison community as a whole is aware of the unique services provided by the Library.
  • Identify and reach out to groups of residents who may not be familiar with the Library and who might benefit from its programs.

Become a recognized leader in the community for providing access to and training in new information and digital technologies.

Next Up...

 Complete a Fully Functional Technology Center for All Ages


  • Provide increased technology training opportunities.
  • Assure that patrons of all ages and backgrounds are comfortable with technology.
  • Adopt new, cost-effective tools and technologies that efficiently deliver services and offerings.

Cultivate and sustain a responsive culture of service.

Next Up...

 Conduct Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

 Purchase and Install Self-Check Machine


  • Reduce cost of service delivery through improved staffing practices.
  • Provide an environment where staff feels motivated to deliver the highest standards of service to all patrons.

Ensure stable, dependable and diversified funding.

Next Up...

 Agree on Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy, Including Proposed Activities, Targeted Participants, Revenue Expectations, and Implementation Accountabilities

 Establish a Culture of Fundraising Across All Library Organizations Stressing Community Fundraising as an Ongoing Project


  • Create/expand revenue-generating programs and services that the Library is specially positioned to offer.
  • Establish and maintain a more extensive fundraising capability targeting new public and private sources of funding.