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Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Setting the Course

Our strategic plan has been extended for an additional two years due to the unforeseen challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that the pandemic has presented unique obstacles, but we are committed to making progress toward our newly revised mission/vision. With this additional time, we can focus on innovative solutions to navigate through these challenging times and emerge even stronger than before.
Financial Strength

Promote literacy in all its forms, emphasizing open and easy access to traditional / digital resources and knowledgeable assistance.


  • Leverage the library's collection, responsive programming and partnerships to provide experiences in the arts, humanities, and civic engagement that enrich and inspire.
  • Increase literacy in such areas as emerging technologies, finance, health, environment and other contemporary issues.
  • Strengthen library accessibility and services for underserved or economically disadvantaged populations, newcomers, and people 50+ by recognizing their unique needs.
  • Respond actively to the needs of pre-teens and teens with expanded programs, homework help, tutoring, after-school resources and related services.

Employ relevant technologies to improve operational efficiency and enhance access to information.


  • Facilitate digital learning by creating environments that accommodate existing and emerging technologies.
  • Support growth of digital content. Improve patrons’ life skills through technology training and informational programming.
  • Reduce barriers to technology for traditionally underserved populations.
  • Adopt new, cost-effective tools and technologies that efficiently deliver services and offerings.

Continue to serve as a pillar of the Harrison community, and lead by example through environmentally conscious, socially beneficial, and economically responsible stewardship.


  • Serve as a welcoming community gathering place and cornerstone of family, cultural, and civic life by basing service decisions on customer needs and preferences.
  • Make the library easier to use - inside, outside, and virtually.
  • Align our standards with those of the NYLA Sustainable Library Initiative as appropriate and promote environmentally conscious practices and education while serving as an example to our community.
  • Continue efforts to expand library events beyond the libraries' walls throughout Harrison and West Harrison.

Assure short and long-term financial strength, excellence in Library governance and viable, effective strategic partnerships.


  • Grow donor base to the Harrison Public Library Foundation and promote donor loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Explore new and innovative revenue opportunities to increase and diversify library funding by partnering with local business and civic groups.
  • Promote public understanding of how the Library Foundation financially supports library programs that advance literacy and education in Harrison, including early learning experiences, community reading/learning programs and digital resources.
  • Enhance community understanding of the need for continual upkeep of library facilities and planned development based on geographical/sociological needs and gaps.
  • Ensure library finances, operating model, and policies support the longterm stability of the library and meet the community's needs.
  • Continue identifying and applying for relevant grants to invest in library services and infrastructure.

Mission/Vision Statement

The purpose of the Harrison Public Library is to be the center of information and discovery within our community. We strive to serve our community by offering innovative programming, relevant collections, and responsive services that support lifelong learning, the joy of reading, and the free exchange of ideas in a diverse, inclusive environment.

Looking Back

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