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Strategic Plan 2017-2019

The Next Chapter


Change lives through the transformative power of information and reading.


  • Build and maintain collections that reflect the creativity, imagination, and ambition of our community.
  • Cultivate our community’s love of reading by deepening patron engagement with the content of our collection through community reads, book clubs, films and other programs.
  • Develop programs to enhance the personal and social well-being of people of all ages.
  • Expand opportunities for civic engagement.

Take a lead role in providing access to digital content and technologies that create and support a healthy, prosperous, and cohesive Harrison community.


  • Connect people to services and information through technology as a social equalizer.
  • Bolster and expand local digital content - connect the pieces of Harrison’s history and diversity into a vibrant picture that establishes Harrison as a unique place to live.
  • Connect people and services creatively through free access to information and resources.
  • Optimize patron's ability to get informed technology assistance by increasing staff technological competencies and invigorating program design with peer-learning and peer-sharing practices.

Play a visible, vital, and valued role in our community.


  • Secure the library’s role as the community’s primary cultural, civic, and informational destination.
  • Construct partnerships to offer inspired services, programs and collections of interest to all generations of users.
  • Become a lead supporter of Harrison’s creative community. Be a central hub for shared experiences and innovation.
  • Evolve and expand events like Play2Learn Festival which bring the community together for discovery and learning.
  • Construct partnerships to offer inspired services, programs and collections of interest to all generations of users.

Secure sustainable operational funding that provides Harrison residents with the highest return on investment and maximizes the cultural and educational wealth of our community.


  • Attend to the library’s finances, buildings, collections and other assets to ensure the library remains a model of responsible stewardship of the public’s trust.
  • Increase private, business and foundation contributions.
  • Review all non-public potential sources of funding for the Library, such as sponsorships, grants and private donations, and paid advertising opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Harrison Public Library is to provide to the community outstanding information, resources, programs and services and to encourage the free exchange of ideas.

To fulfill our mission, we rely on library staff, collections, programs and the participation of our patrons and community.

The Library will provide access to a broad range of content, programs, and services that will educate, entertain and enrich people's lives.

The Library will try to anticipate and respond to the information needs of the community, and will help train people to successfully navigate and use information.

The Library will strive to create a warm, inviting and safe environment for all.

Vision Statement

The Harrison Public Library aspires to be the center of information and discovery in the community. Through innovative programming, relevant collections and responsive services, its goals are to support lifelong learning and the joy of reading, and to enrich, entertain and educate residents of all ages and cultures.

Looking Back

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