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Young Adult Males….What they can’t keep their eyes off!

March 18th, 2013
Marilyn · Staff Recommendations

Books with adventure!

Go directly to the Series in the Young Adult section and you will find numerous chronicles with characters that go through dangerous exploits ending in fantastic results (saving the world, etc.). Bravery and honor is found deep in the hearts of the heroes of these contemporary escapades.

The readers of these books have walked several years to get from the children’s room to the Young Adult section. They have left the Hardy Boys behind and now encounter real danger. Series books usually offer the same settings, same framework, and the same minor characters as well as the same point of view. What they focus on is the main character, and his development.

I ask you, what are adolescents involved in? They are defining their characters. I am gratified as the Young Adult Librarian to buy and keep replacing the well-worn copies of these popular series.

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