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Witness Literature

December 2nd, 2013
Marilyn · Staff Recommendations

Here it is, that time of year again. We pause to be so very thankful in November, and then we hustle to be so very giving. We give to our loved ones. But we are aware that there is a world beyond our loved ones, and that there is suffering, great suffering– that could be lessened. The average person makes 24% of their annual donations between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to research from the Center on Philanthropy. Network for Good has reported that the average donation amount is much higher during the Holiday Season. According to many of the Spiritually Enlightened, giving, and helping others, may be the most significant of human missions. If we cannot give, at least we may witness.

Reading is a form of witnessing. It is important to witness the words of those who have suffered greatly, those whose humanity comes through strongly in their writing, whose voices have become a gift to others. Any obligation to others is a personal question to be answered by each of us. Listed are some books that bring this issue to the forefront:

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