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Six Parenting Books for When You Need a Good Laugh About Raising Your Kids

September 4th, 2018
Galina · Staff Recommendations

Parenting is hard. It’s serious business. If you let up for a moment, your kids can smell it, and suddenly you’ve just spent way too much money on plastic toys and ice cream. You have to keep a straight face at all times, no matter how funny the stuff they do is. They have to learn that putting shaving cream all over the toilet seats during a dinner party is wrong, and that using permanent marker to draw their favorite cartoons on your bedroom walls is immature.

Parenting is important!

But sometimes you just have to laugh. Here are six books to help you get over your kids’ latest adventures and accidents.

Hopefully, after a good belly laugh or two, you will be able to return to the serious, serious business of raising children to be academic overachievers, Olympic-level athletes, and people of such character that they’re up for the Nobel Peace Prize by the time they’re thirteen. But before then, take a moment to enjoy just how goofy they really are.

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