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Mommies Mommies Everywhere!

April 23rd, 2012
Liz · Staff Recommendations

The pink on the trees is at its brightest and tulips are putting on a show everywhere you look. It can only mean one thing… it’s almost time for Mother’s Day!

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, whether they be tall or short, red-haired or brunette. One thing they all have in common is unwavering love for their children. The library has lots of books about mothers, moms, mommies, and grandmas so come check them out!

The Mother’s Day Mice by Eve Bunting follows Biggest Mouse, Middle Mouse, and Little Mouse as they earnestly take on the task of finding Mother just the right Mother’s Day gifts. Biggest and Middle acquire their gifts easily but things are more difficult for Little. Come along as Biggest and Middle tenderly try to help their youngest brother but are surprised that their little brother does very well on his own, thank you!

For a less traditional and more technicolor look at moms and grandmas everywhere be sure to seek out Todd Parr’s The Mommy Book andThe Grandma Book. Parr always manages to make his juvenile readers feel as though his books are written about them, and these two books are no exception. From mommies who work at home to mommies who work in offices as well as grandmas who have a lot of cats to grandmas who have a lot of purses, both books radiate jubilant love and reassurance. Also check out Parr’s The Family Book for all kinds of familial combinations!

The youngest set will enjoy the straight-forward and colorful I Love My Mommy by Sebastien Braun. He depicts different animal moms tending to their little ones supported by the simple repetitive prose that toddlers find so reassuring: “My mommy plays games with me” and, “My mommy carries me when I am tired” all backdropped by warm oil colors that make this the perfect book for a snuggle on a lap.

We can all remember how easy it was to be intimidated as children, when so many things were new and unfamiliar. But what are perhaps more memorable are those moments when you triumphed over those fears and accomplished something that seemed daunting. And who can forget how good it felt to be taken care of when sick? Sam’s mommy in Amy Hest’s books Kiss Good Night, You Can Do it, Sam!, andDon’t You Feel Well, Sam? is one of those mommies who encourages, gently pushes, and sweetly comforts her little Sam. Anita Jeram’s sweet, enveloping, and warm acrylics are perfect for these accessible stories.

Here are some additional titles that you may like to peruse as we celebrate moms everywhere:

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