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Knitting and Crocheting – One Stitch at a Time

September 16th, 2013
Jennie · Staff Recommendations

Knitting and Crocheting at the West Harrison Library.

If you think that knitting and crocheting are only for grandmas, you are way behind the times. Knitting and crocheting are hot! People of all ages – men and women – are learning how to knit because it’s fun, relaxing, and truly therapeutic. Knitters gather together to knit socially in parks and town squares, on the National Mall, and in libraries, among other places.

A group of warm-hearted and inviting Harrison knitters meets at West Harrison Library on Wednesday mornings from 10 to 11:30. Come join us to learn new techniques, exchange ideas, and to get inspired by the great designs found online and inside the numerous knitting books that you can borrow.

There are many great books on knitting and crocheting in your local libraries. I have highlighted a few recently published ones that feature both classic and newer designs. These books provide various techniques for beginners as well as advanced knitters and book lovers. Click on the title of each link below, scroll down to the end of the page, and then click on Summary and Reviews to find more detailed information about each book.

As a beginner, you may check out Knitting 101 and Crochet-opedia. They teach all the basics with step-by step instructions and clear photos. Shawls, Wraps & Scarves presents a total of 60 lovely accessory designs with a variety of stitches in many kinds of fabrics. The Essential Stitch Collection is an excellent guide to classic and new stitches. Cast On, Bind Off tackles two important parts of the knitting process: beginnings and endings.

If you like the ease of working with a crochet hook, but admire the look and feel of knitted fabric, borrow Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tunisian Crochet. It offers nine fresh projects and various Tunisian stitches and patterns. Crochet Master Class presents 18 crochet techniques taught by some of the world’s best crochet designers and instructors for intermediate and advanced crocheters.

For knitters and book lovers, try Literary Knits. It is a timeless collection of one-of-a-kind knitting projects inspired by beloved characters from classic books from Pride and Prejudice to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Great Gatsby to Moby Dick, and many more in between.

Yarn Harlot moves beyond instructions and patterns. It is a collection of humorous and poignant essays that knitters can definitely relate to. The author wrote: “It is a well-known fact that knitting is a sparkling form of entertainment, as spiritual as yoga, as relaxing as a massage, and as funny as Erma Bombeck trapped in a PTA meeting”. Do you agree?

What are your favorite books or websites on knitting and crocheting? Share them with us here or at the library. We love to hear from you.

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