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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise with Anthony at Banahan Bros.

August 1st, 2017
Donna · Staff Recommendations

I made my weekly stop this morning to Banahan Bros, on Theodore Fremd. Anthony, knowing that I work at a library, mentioned that he was in need of a new book to read. (Alas, he planned a weekend trip to his local Barnes & Noble, lured by the aroma of coffee.)

Anthony likes to read about personal finance and health. One of his favorite authors is Deepak Chopra.

The library is a great place to find information on both topics. Try looking in the “332s” for personal finance and the “610s” for health. (There are titles in the children’s and teen collections, too.) For Dr. Chopra’s many writings, it is best to check the catalogue or ask a librarian, as he has endless titles, located in quite a few spots.

The advantages of using the library–your tax dollars have already purchased the book for you and you can bring the book back when you are done, saving money and space for your very favorites. Then, treat yourself to a Barnes & Noble latte.

Anthony laughs that he likes to stay healthy and wealthy. And he is right, reading is the way to do it!

Here are two titles that caught my eye:


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