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Colleen Hoover Read-Alikes

Two books side-by-side, It Ends with Us and Chasing Red

September 14th, 2022
Jovy · Staff Recommendations

In the past few months, the staff at the Harrison Public Library have been asked many times if we have any Colleen Hoover titles available. Unfortunately, most of the time, we have to say no. However, we don’t want you to go home without a book to read that gives you the same “feels” as a Hoover title.

What makes it so difficult to find Hoover read-alikes is that her novels run the gamut from psychological thrillers (like Verity) to steamy romances (like Ugly Love). 

To tackle this, let’s look at the similarities between all of her books. There is angsty romance, trauma experienced by the main characters, steamy scenarios and plot twists galore. Gathered below is a list of Hoover’s most popular books along with their corresponding read-alikes.

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