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Children’s Cookbooks

April 2nd, 2013
Liz · Staff Recommendations

From mashed potato monster heads to spaghetti with eyeballs to green eggs and ham to math homework on a plate, the library’s cookbook collection carries everything. Whether you want a fun activity for your toddler, a gross-out snack for your 7 year-old’s birthday party or want your fourth grader to learn something about how that food got on his plate, or a new idea for family dinner, you’ll find something in one of the great books below.

Check out the Kids Dish series, What the World Eats, How did That Get in my Lunchbox.

Want to make a cake that looks like kitty litter, a radish & cucumber “mouse train” or frozen banana monkey pops? Try The Secret Life of Food,Gross-Out Cakes, or Fun Food

Bon appetit!

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