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Celebrating Black Hair-Story Month!

Twisted by Emma Dabiri

February 8th, 2021
Galina · Staff Recommendations

This year for Black History Month we would like to celebrate something that is the pride and glory of many women and man: hair! Nearly every culture worldwide and across history finds hair to be important, with long hair often signifying beauty and strength of spirit.  

Hair is a big topic! It’s fascinating to see what other people do with their hair, from proudly sporting a bald head to cutting it in a wide variety of styles, to adding extensions and weaves, to dying it in a wide range of colors. Everyone should be able to style their hair as they wish—from the flights of fancy of Eighties-style vertical bangs, to a radiant Afro.

Let’s all treat each other’s hair with respect.

Here is more information you can use to educate yourself and others about Black hair this month:

Help teach kids about Black hair with the picture book My Hair Is Magic! by reading intervention teacher M.L. Marroquin and artist Tonya Engel.

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