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Most popular leisure activity: browsing the internet, tied with reading...and more than watching TV!

What most motivates our community to read is good writing!

After suggestions from friends & family, browsing the library is the second most likely way to decide what books to read.

After mystery, historical fiction is the second-most popular genre (sci-fi and travel were the least popular).


Most still prefer physical books to e-books.

Respondents are more than 2x as likely to borrow from the library than purchase books.

58% of those who listen to audiobooks download from the library.

14% of respondents participate in a book club.

75% want more recommendations from the Library.

Nearly half of parents who responded have children under the age of 5.

52% of kids read more than 2 hours a week for fun...54% of those read more than 4 hours a week!

82% of kids under 9 like to be read to...49% age 9 to 12 still enjoy being be read to!

67% of parents rely on libraries for children's book recommendations.

90% of children age 9-12 use library materials to complete homework assignments.

82% of parents find what they are looking for when they visit the library (15% sometimes can).

Early reader books & chapter books were the most requested additions to the library (board books and graphic novels were the least requested).


84% of kids attend library programs.

91% of kids who attend library programs check out books from the library, too.

72% of kids age 5-12 have their very own library card.

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