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Laptop Policy

A Library laptop may only be used within 100 feet of the Library building from which it was borrowed. Taking a Library laptop farther than 100 feet from the Library building from which it was borrowed will be considered theft. All applicable laws will apply.


Loan Period and Availability

Late Fees and Liability

The borrower is financially liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged laptop. Fines and fees for laptops will be processed the same as fines or fees for other Library materials.

Description Fines/Fees
For each hour or fraction thereof that the laptop is overdue. No grace period. No maximum fine. $10.00
Damaged laptop. Repair cost (up to replacement cost) + $20 processing fee.
Lost or stolen laptop. (If the laptop was stolen, the borrower is responsible for submitting a police report to the Library Director.) Replacement cost + $20 processing fee

Limitations on Laptop Use

Reviewed and approved by the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees 8/7/2011. Revised 10/3/12, 7/8/2020.

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