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“Scenes of New York”

by Don Sexton
All images © 2022, Don Sexton. All rights reserved.

Artist’s Statement:  My Works, My Stories

New York City has been my home for more than 50 years and I think of New York as the greatest, most exciting city in the world. I have also worked and lived abroad and I travel extensively.  Wherever I am, I am drawn to observations of people and places.

This exhibit consists of works that tell stories of New York: The spirit and pulse of a NYC locale and those who live, work, or play there. 

I paint with strong colors because they make intriguing what at first glance might seem to be an ordinary scene. I have developed a multi-media approach, using inks and oil pastels, which produces very vivid hues.  When I work in the open air, spectators congregate to watch the colors light up my paintings. More recently, I have been using oils as well as inks and oil pastels to broaden the range of emotions I can capture.

I would like those who view my paintings to think of the people who inhabit the works and what they are doing and thinking and feeling. 

For stories of many great cities, please visit my show, “Great Cities of the World,” at the New Amsterdam Library, 9 Murray Street, NYC, June 6 – August 12. The Reception and Artist Talk will be held on Thursday, June 16, 5 – 7 PM.

For more images of NYC and elsewhere, please visit my website:

On major holidays, I often send friends and acquaintances an image of one of my paintings related to that holiday:

Memorial Day, 2022    “Canaan Flags”

If you would like to receive occasional images as well as news of shows, please send me your email address:

And, of course, commissions – for memories or gifts – welcome.  

Thanks for viewing the exhibit.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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