So, you can please tell me your full name and your title?

Sure, my name is Marlane Amelio and I am a Councilwoman for Town/Village of Harrison.

Thank you. How long have you lived in Harrison, New York?

I’ve lived in Harrison my entire life. I am a third generation resident.

What is your favorite memory in your time, your life, in Harrison and what stands out to you as your favorite memory.

Sure, my childhood. Growing up in Harrison was a wonderful time. You could play freely away from your home and not worry about any negative consequences, as so many families have to be concerned now. It was a very safe, small town. Some of my specific, fondest memories would be gathering at my grandparents’ home, which was directly across the street from the Harrison Movie Theatre. My grandfather was the shoemaker in town and after we would all gather for a large meal, some of us younger cousins, and there were about fifteen of us, we would all cross the street to go see a movie together and it was just a great time. Great, safe time.

In your lifetime here, what to you is the biggest change that you’ve observed in Harrison?

Well, probably the biggest change is that Harrison is no longer a small town, and, of course, that can be a very positive thing. But, for those of us who remember it as a small town, it’s a little, sometimes, disconcerting. So, I would have to say that would be the biggest change, is that the town is growing by leaps and bounds.

Does it feel like a city now?

No, it still feels, it still very much has all the hallmarks of a small town. But, growing up, everyone knew everyone else. Now, that’s no longer the case. The positive thing, of course, is that we are doing such a great job here that people are clamouring to move here.

What do you think, in the next fifty years, are the changes you’d like to most see, or what do you think you would like to see most preserved about Harrison in the next fifty years?

Well, that’s an interesting question. What would I like to see? I would like the attitudes and the culture that comes with small town to be preserved, where people are courteous and kind to each other. I also look forward to seeing new buildings coming into to town, such as an enlarged and, appropriate for the size of Harrison, recreation center, and things like that. Also being careful to preserve our open space.


Interview with Councilwoman/Trustee Marlane Amelio from the Magic Box Oral History Booth located at Town Hall during the Great to Live in Harrison Day Celebration at Riis Park on October 10, 2016.


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Amelio, Marlane

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