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NOTE: Mrs. Larsen has paused her sessions as per Governor Cuomo’s order but decided to post pictures of an unbreakable spirit of strength and survival she witnessed in our community as it went into isolation due to COVID-19. She looks forward to re-starting her sessions when we emerge from this crisis.

From photographer, Kristin Larsen:

“During a time of darkness, it’s always important to try to find glimpses of light. As a mother of three and a family photographer, I did just that with The Frontsteps Project which has become well-known across our country during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

At first, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be outside taking pictures (even from 20 feet away with my zoom lens!), given how scary and serious this virus has proven to be. I want to give credit to a sweet friend Allie Featherston who called me one day and said this is perfect for you, I think you should do it! It was her push that finally got me started, and her family was the first I photographed for this project.

I named ours #harrisonfrontsteps and have been photographing families all around the town of Harrison (although we are also lucky to have a few Rye Neck families who have participated as well), capturing moments for people to cherish as positive memories during this surreal time in our lives, and sharing on my social media channels for others to enjoy. In exchange for a few professional photos, families have been making generous donations to local small businesses, first responders and essential workers; the real heroes emerging out of this crisis. I wanted #harriosonfrontsteps to contribute to both local small businesses in our area that might be facing hard times while being temporarily shut down, as well as giving back to the front line responders, area hospital workers, police departments, EMS and fire department and our essential workers such as DPW and sanitation departments, who are going to work every day to keep us safe and healthy. After photographing 40 plus local families, and thanks to their generous donations, we have been able to provide breakfast from Goldburgs Bagels to Harrison Police, dinner from the Luncheonette to Mount Sinai ER Floor and Breakfast from Anthony’s Deli for Village of Mamaroneck Police Department just to name a few. It’s the small things sometimes that can make all the difference during a time like this, and I am proud to have been part of something positive in an otherwise ominous time.

It has been a pleasure watching the #harrisonfrontsteps project come to life, and has given me something to look forward to each day I am able to get out an photograph local families. Time is somewhat limited as I am currently homeschooling my three children, but getting back behind the lens has been a breath fresh air for me both personally and professionally, a reminder of my “normal life”. Over the last few weeks I have been photographing many familiar faces, while other shoots have led to new friendships made during a rather sad and lonely time in our lives. As the saying goes, it takes a village! While I am the one behind the camera, without the support of so many generous and loving Harrison and Rye Neck families, none of this would be possible. I owe it all to the wonderful community we are all lucky to call home.

Thank you so much to the Harrison Public Library for featuring our story. I hope these photos bring you as much happiness and joy as they brought to me when I took and edited them! Hopefully life will resume as it was not so long ago, and I will be back to work, capturing the many special memories and milestones I have been lucky enough to share with local families for the past decade. To book a session with me this summer or fall you can reach me or”

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