Eclipse Viewing

Monday, August 21, 2017 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET Halperin Building · Community Room

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I'm sorry if you missed it, but this event already took place.

Due to the tremendous interest in the solar eclipse, we will be giving out numbers on Monday at 1pm at the Halperin Building (no glasses are available at the West Harrison Branch), on a first-come, first-served basis, so that we can distribute the viewing glasses in a fair manner. We will also have information available on how to view the eclipse safely, using other means. Thank you for working with us to make this an educational and enjoyable event for all.

View the rare total solar eclipse that will occur across North America with the path of totality traversing the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina with Assistant Vice President of Westchester Amateur Astronomers,  Claudia Parrinton.

It has been widely stressed that you must not look directly at the eclipse without proper protection or you could damage or even lose your eyesight. Happily, there are alternate ways of experiencing the eclipse. The library will provide print outs about less direct ways to "see" the eclipse and have samples and materials on hand.

This is what to expect at the library, the day of the eclipse. The program will run from 1 to 4pm, both on the lawn and in the library's Community Room. Those who would like glasses will be asked to line up for a number in order to ensure fair distribution. All are welcome to partake in the activities, which include monitoring atmospheric changes, viewing NASA coverage, perusing books, and makaing a "sun" cookie.

While it may appear dark, watching the solar eclipse without the right eyewear can severely damage your vision. Please visit for eye-safety warnings.

Eclipse Times:

Start 1:23 PM

Max 2:44 PM

End: 4:00 PM