Online: Mobile Photography Discussion via Zoom: a Maker-in-Residence program

Monday, December 14, 2020 3:30pm - 5:00pm ET Online Ages: 13 and up


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Join our Maker-in-Residence, Erin Borzellino, as she talks about some great tips to elevate your iPhone or mobile device photos to a new level. She will discuss tips on apps you can use to edit your photos and the best way to share them.

Want to improve your skills and hear critics about your work? Please send Erin the photos by Thursday 12/10. 

Adults and teens ages 13 and up are welcome to sign up. 

Erin is an award-winning commercial lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Harrison, NY. You can see her work at or on Instagram @erinborzellino. To learn more about her, please visit our Maker-in-Residence website.

As our Maker-in-Residence, Erin will lead six workshops, three outdoors, and three online. They are:

Monday, Oct. 19 - 11 am - Floral Photography - Outdoor
Monday, Oct. 26 - 11 am - Floral Photography Discussion via Zoom;

Monday, Nov. 9th - 3:30 pm - Scavenger hunt -Outdoor
Monday, Nov. 16th - 3:30 pm - Scavenger Hunt Discussion via Zoom;

Monday, Dec. 7th - 3:30 pm - Mobile photography - Outdoor
Monday, Dec. 14 - 3:30 pm - Mobile Photography Discussion via Zoom.


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