Samurai Posture Seminar

Saturday, October 5, 2019 10:00am - 12:00pm ET Halperin Building · Conference Room/Learning Center


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I'm sorry if you missed it, but this event already took place.

Join Okada Shinichiro, a Martial Arts Master, Physical Therapist, Care Worker, and Care Support Specialist, for a special workshop on how to improve your posture.

While Mr. Okada was working for disabled and elderly people, he was seeking a better assistance method. One day he encountered a very famous martial arts master, Mr. Yoshinori Kono. Under his guidance Mr. Okada succeeded in creating his own “Ancient Martial Arts Care Method.” The
reputation soon spread and created a major sensation in every field, not only nursing care, but also medical care, education, parenting, rescue work, rehabilitation. 

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Contact: Giovanna Fiorino-Iannace

This event is full and registration is closed.