The Inherited Plate: Food & Memory Writing Workshop

Saturday·April 27, 2019·2:00pm - 3:30pm
Halperin Building · Learning Center


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Join us as Danielle Rehfeld Colen of The Inherited Plate teaches us how to write about memories related to the foods which are part of our heritage. Danielle is a native New Yorker, cook, writer, and lover of food, stories and people.

As she writes on her blog

Cooking for me was and still is about learning and discovery.  When I left the restaurant industry, I began this curious project cooking with everyone I knew, anyone that would share a personal recipe with me.  Some were chefs, most were not.  They were New Yorkers I worked with, volunteered with, danced with, or met through a friend.  What I uncovered during the process was that food is an intimate gateway through which we learn about people, values, culture, memory and family.  It’s a common denominator that unites us. The Inherited Plate was created to preserve these special recipes and traditions.  It’s about connection, discovery, and simply put, food cooked with love.

Refreshments and dessert will be served. Registration is required.

Contact: Giovanna Fiorino-Iannace

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