Meet the Artists Reception

Saturday·January 12, 2019·1:00pm - 3:00pm
Halperin Building · Community Room

Meet fiber artists Rosario Villavicencio and Martina Brunner

Fiber art is an all-encompassing art.  Materials used can be recycled or new; I prefer wool, and for the base/canvass I use linen.  Some of my older pieces have been done on Scottish burlap.

We are sometimes called “rug-hookers” since we prepare our materials, dyed dye them, cut in strips by hand or with special cutters that are “hooked” into a design drawn on the linen base.  Although hooked art is a traditional one that has been with us for a few hundred years, it is also alive and well today. It can be sophisticated, or functional, art to hang on a wall, place on a table, or to walk on beauty underfoot.