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Accommodation Request Process

The mission of the Harrison Public Library is to serve as the central hub of information and discovery within our community. The Library’s goal is for everyone, regardless of disability, to have equal access to be able to fully enjoy our facilities, programs, services, and activities.

An accommodation can be provided on the spot in many cases. Some requests for an accommodation may take more time to evaluate and, if granted, to provide. In some situations, we may determine that a request cannot be granted because the accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of our programs or services or would impose an undue financial or administrative burden upon us. If we can’t meet your exact request, we will work with you to see if we can find a reasonable way for you to access our facilities, programs and services.

How to Request Accommodations or File an Accessibility Review:

Step One:

If you are at the library and notice there’s something you need right away, please ask the Library Director. If it is something we can address immediately, we will. The Library Director will try to resolve it quickly without further steps. If the need is something that requires time to arrange, kindly provide us with advance notice by contacting the Library Director through your preferred method, in person, by mail, email, or phone.

Step Two:

If the request is complex and needs greater preparation, resources or research, the Library Director will help you complete an Accommodation Request Form to ensure a clear understanding of your request. After you complete a written request, the Library Director may consult with others, may ask you for additional information, and will evaluate if and how the Library can provide the requested accommodation. The Library Director will keep you updated on any progress.

If you are not satisfied with the Library Director’s determination, please complete an Accessibility Determination Review and submit it to the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees (“Board”) by email or mail. The Library Board will respond formally to your Accessibility Determination Review within 10 days. Please note that the decision rendered by the Board will be deemed final.

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