Code of Conduct

Rules and Regulations for Patron Behavior

The Board of Trustees and Staff invite all our patrons to enjoy the Library and its collections, special services and programs. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; because of mental, emotional, or physical condition; or because of age or sexual orientation.

The Harrison Public Library strives to provide a clean, pleasant and safe environment for all patrons. It is a patron's responsibility to maintain necessary and proper standards of behavior in order to protect his/her individual rights and the rights and privileges of other patrons. Therefore, the following rules and regulations have been established for all Library users.

Please Refrain From:

  • Bathing, shaving, or washing in the restrooms
  • Bringing animals/pets in the Library, except animals trained to assist the disabled or invited onto the premises by the staff
  • Bringing bicycles, scooters or skateboards into or wearing rollerblades or skates in the Library
  • Bringing drinks or food into the Library
  • Creating public disturbances by making noise, or engaging in physical activity, that is determined by the Library staff to be materially distracting and disruptive to other patrons
  • Damaging, defacing or mutilating Library materials or property, including newspapers and magazines
  • Distributing or selling goods or services on Library premises
  • Dressing so as to be disruptive to the Library environment, including being in the Library with bare feet or without a shirt
  • Engaging in or soliciting sexual activity in any way
  • Entering or remaining in the Library without permission before or after operating hours
  • Fighting, roughhousing or throwing items or possessing weapons in the Library
  • Gambling
  • Hacking into, damaging or otherwise inappropriately using the computers
  • Harassing Library staff or patrons either verbally, physically or sexually
  • Having offensive body odor or personal hygiene
  • Lewd or indecent exposure
  • Littering
  • Loitering
  • Moving, abusing or misusing furniture or equipment, including standing or lying on tables or putting feet on the furniture
  • Obstructing or impeding access to the entrances, aisles, stairwells, doorways or passageways
  • Panhandling
  • Photographing or making video or audio recordings of the Library staff or of other patrons without the permission of the individuals
  • Running
  • Sleeping
  • Smoking, or lighting a fire in any way
  • Soliciting funds
  • Trespassing in non-public areas of the Library such as offices, workrooms, the circulation area or storage areas
  • Using abusive, obscene or threatening language or gestures to staff or patrons
  • Using electronics so as to be disruptive to fellow patrons or staff, including talking on cell phones
  • Using, possessing, distributing or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs

All children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a parent or acceptable caretaker while in the library. Also, if a young child is attending a library program, we require the parent/caretaker to remain in the library throughout the program. Please refer to the separate Children in the Library Policy regarding unattended children.

The above Code of Conduct is not intended to be a complete list of violations, but is intended for guidance only. The Library Board, the Library Director and Library staff reserve the right to take appropriate action against any other behavior which can reasonably be deemed to be offensive or disturbing to Library patrons or staff.

The primary responsibility for insuring compliance with this Code of Conduct rests with the Library staff and they are authorized to expel any person who, when advised of the above rules, fails to comply. Staff is also authorized to contact the Harrison Police Department, if necessary.

Misconduct or misuse of Library property on the part of juveniles may be reported to their parents. The Library will seek restitution for damages to Library property or material from those responsible or, in the case of a minor, that minor's parent or guardian. Breaches of conduct and misuse of Library property are grounds for the denial or revocation of Library privileges.

Any patron whose privileges have been denied or revoked shall be notified by registered mail and will have the right to appeal this decision to the Board of Trustees of the Harrison Public Library.

Reviewed and approved by the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees, 6/7/10.