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December 5, 2011 | Previous Recommendations

In Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved Good Night Moon the bunny falls asleep to the sound of a little old woman whispering “hush” and the soft glow of the moon. (It was first published in 1947).The last century!

Here we are, in the era of digital communication. In a new book titled Goodnight iPad that same bunny struggles to sleep in a room full of electronics where he would never hear an old lady whispering "hush."

The book is written by Ann Droyd (Get it?), a clever pseudonym for children's book author David Milgrim. The author explains, “I fear that some of the simple and quieter things may get lost, in the same way the night sky gets lost to the lights.”

It is an important reminder to parents to quiet the electronics every now and then. So, dear parents make reading a bedtime story a part of your routine and help your child grow intellectually, emotionally and creatively.

Here are a few amazing books:

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